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Team Brad and Dena, Phoenix AIDS Walk, by guest blogger Kelly

Today’s blog is written by Kelly, the friendly and efficient team member who will be the first to greet you by phone (or in person) at Desert Ridge Smiles.  Thank you for sharing your story. As the summer days end and fall … Continue reading

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City of Phoenix Water Fluoridation: Good or Bad?

In Arizona, many cities have been adding fluoride to the water supply for years, resulting in a marked decrease in children with decayed teeth.  Coming in  September 2012, the Phoenix City Council will reassess fluoridation in the water system. Is … Continue reading

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Is Sugar a Toxin?

  As a dentist, I have always been concerned about consumption of sugar, and the correlation to the amount of decay present in my patients. With the recent proposal of New York City Mayor  Michael Bloomberg to ban sodas and … Continue reading

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Making It Happen in 2012

Do you plan, set goals, make resolutions every year to make the new year better than the last?  Good for you!  You are creating a vision, which will enable you to work at changing things to achieve a better result. … Continue reading

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In My Neighborhood

If you are in Arizona, you may have heard rumblings about the Centennial happening this February 2012.  One of my patients, Lisa Schnebly Heidinger has put together the Official Book of the Arizona Centennial, which is a wonderful perspective of the … Continue reading

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