Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

Somewhere back in your early religious training, you may have been taught about Guardian Angels.  A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group.  Your angel may be in your conscious mind, helping you to make those tough decisions, or helping to guide you through a dangerous situation.  There is an element of hope and wonder in this belief of guardian angels, and in my recent experiences, I have validated that I have a guardian angel looking out for me.

There are chance encounters with people who come into your life, be it employees, lecturers, teachers or friends.  There may be a lesson to be learned from these people, which will help to guide you through your life.  I believe your guardian angel causes these encounters, but it is your responsibility to gain the knowledge presented to you, to help you on your path in life.

These past few years of economic upheaval have been difficult for many people, including myself.  I have seen many of my advisors and friends make decisions that have proven to be irreparable.  In some cases, trusting my guardian angel became a better decision than following my advisor, whose information was tainted due to the previous poor decisions they had made, from which they were trying to recover. 

Lately, I have had the feeling of being lucky.  Contacts of people from the past were instrumental in finding the perfect caregivers for my mom.  I won video editing software during my quest to make dental videos for my social media influence.  Being a member of the Council on Dental Education for the AZ state meeting has allowed contacts from influential dental speakers all over the world.  Are these chance encounters?  Maybe, but I think not!

This is an altruistic society.  Look out for #1, which is YOU!  Listen to advisors, get plenty of advice, but also listen and learn from the people who are in your life currently. They may be there for a reason, planted by your Guardian Angel.  Life lessons can happen all the time.  Make sure you are open enough to experience this guidance your Guardian Angel may be providing for you!  May you feel lucky, too!

Elizabeth J. Fleming, DDS and the staff at Desert Ridge Smiles 20950 N. Tatum Blvd.  Ste. 280  Phoenix, AZ  85050 480-860-4300

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