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All about Crowns

What is a crown? Sometimes during the course of your life, your dentist might tell you that you need a “crown.” “What is this crazy person talking about?” You might think. “Is there some kind of coronation ceremony going on … Continue reading

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Is Bleaching for me?

Can over-the-counter bleaching damage my teeth? Everyone wants a white, shiny smile. White teeth are a sign of good health and social status – people judge each other by appearance, and a healthy smile makes you look more approachable and … Continue reading

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Caring For A Toddler’s Teeth

When should a child start using toothpaste? Parents know that taking care of small children is a full-time job – and along with diaper changes, bath time, and medical checkups, parents also need to take care of their children’s teeth. … Continue reading

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Are coffee and wine harmful to your teeth?

Drinking Dilemma: What Coffee and Wine Do To Teeth It’s been said that ‘you are what you eat’, but when it comes to oral hygiene, you are what you drink.  And if you drink a lot of coffee and wine, … Continue reading

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